For Security, You Say

Just had the following conversation while trying to pay for some items at Dillard's.

Me: {holds out credit card to pay}

Store Associate: "Can I get your zip code for the card?"

Me: "No" 

SA: "I have to have it to take a credit card" 

Me: "No you don't." 

SA: "It's for security for the chip card" 

Me: "No. The chip and the PIN is for security. The only use you have for a zip code is analytics and marketing." 

SA: "It's for security."

(Now, this is the sixth place I've been to and finally found a scarf. Do you know how hard it is to find a decent winter scarf in South Florida?) 

Me: "OK." {makes up 5 digit zip code that's probably in KY}


SA: "Do you want your receipt emailed?" 

Me: "What do you think?" 

Greg Poker 12/22/16

I went up to HH again last night. Probably the last time I will be free to go for a few days with Christmas coming up. While I played for about 4 hours I only had two hands of note. Most of the time I just folded as I was card dead most of the night. Also, both hands were against the same guy!

Very early in my session, probably within the first 20 minutes I was dealt 6d-5d on the button and limped along. The flop comes 8-6-5 rainbow. The guy who was UTG in the 10 seat leads out for ten, which was a pot sized bet. After two callers I make it 35 to go. 10 seat immediately raises to $100. It folds back to me. As I've only been playing with this guy for less than 20 minutes, I don't have much of a read on him. I have to give him credit for more than just top pair. He limped UTG, so I don't think he just has a naked 7. The only hand I could put him on that I could beat was 8-7. In which I was only a small favorite. His re-raise is basically forcing me to commit my stack. If I smooth call, the pot will be larger than my stack, and there are only 4 cards that will make me feel better about my hand. I decide to just muck it. After watching him play for a while I learned that he played many hands and would often play them very fast. Looking back on it he could have had A-8. I think he would have played top-top that fast. An overpair was doubtful, he would have raised pre-flop with a pair of 9's or higher. But even adding A-8 to his range, at best I was a 3 to 2 favorite if he had A-7. I'm still struggling with the decision as I type this, but I feel pretty confident about the lay-down. 

A while later I am in late position there is a button straddle of $5. After a couple limpers, I look down to K-K and make it $20 to go. Seat 10 cold calls the $20 on the button. I pick up one other caller. The flop comes 8-8-3 rainbow. The limper checks and I bet $50, about two thirds of the pot. Without any draws out there, I want it to look like I am pushing with a big ace and/or scare off anyone looking to hit their ace. Seat 10 insta-raises to $100. The limper quickly folds. There is very little that beats me here, so I just shove for $140 on top. I figure if he cold called that much preflop with an 8 in his hand, or pocket threes I was going to pay him off. He calls pretty quickly and shows J-J as if he though he had the best of it. A king on the turn sealed his fate. I double up and leave him with about $100 which he donks off soon after that. He told me he was surprised I had kings. I guess he didn't know I would never bet that much with no pair and no draw. If I had a big ace, I would have folded to his raise. 

After that I pretty much just folded and won the occasional pot with a C-Bet. I walked out up $270. Not too shabby for 4 hours of playing! 

Greg Poker 12/20/16

I went back up to HH last night after getting it broke off in me last thursday. I won a decent sized pot early and was up about $50. It started to dwindle away towards even when I was dealt 10d-9d in late position and limped along with the crowd. The flop comes 9-9-8 rainbow! Whee! Everyone checked to me and as I last to act I bet $10 which was a pot sized bet. Only the big blind called. His call didn't tell me a whole lot. He played too many hands and played them poorly, not folding when he should have. The turn is a brick. He checks again and I bet $15, half the pot. He quickly calls. Now I am starting to worry he might have a nine as well. I mean, what could he be calling with, A-8? The river is another brick and he checks again. While I was worried he might have a monster, I was pretty sure he wouldn't check it a third time. He might have something like 9-2 since he was the big blind. Since there is a good chance I still have the best hand, I decide to bet, but I was to hedge my bet just in case. So I only make it $20. He thinks for a second and calls and shows Qc-9c and scoops the pot. It was yet another second place hand, but at least I lost the minimum! I could have lost way more if he played it fast. 


Soon after that I was dealt Q-Q in the cutoff and punished the limpers. I got three calls including the old guy on the button who was a solid player. The flop comes Jc-8c-7d. Not a great flop but at least there is no ace or king. The early caller checks and I make it $25 to go trying to price out the draws. The old guy is the only caller. Now I know he has to have at least a piece of this flop. He wasn't one to float a flop. The turn is an offsuit 5. I make it $40 to go. Again, I am pricing out any draws, so at least I am making a positive EV play. He calls again. Now a 9d falls. There is nothing about this board that I like. I check. He bets $65 pretty quickly. I don't think he would bet a jack here, it has too much showdown value. The only think I can beat is a missed flush draw. I fold. The tells me that he had J-10 and made the straight on the river. He also said that if I had bet 5 more dollars on the turn, he would have folded. I am not sure about any of this, but it adds up. I told him I had an overpair. He was surprised I folded. In the end it was an easy fold. There wasn't much I could beat. 


After losing a couple more pots when I was out kicked with top pair (I just called in position and checked behind on the river) and I missed my flush and gutshot draw, I was down to about $90 bucks. I was close to just calling it a night and stop the bleeding, but I was dealt Kc-Kd in the small blind. A solid and aggressive player (bald black guy or BBG) who I've played with before raised to $20 after a couple limpers. The guy on the button called. As I didn't have enough to make a raise and still play after the flop, I just ship it. The BBG calls and the button folds. The flop comes As-Js-10s and my heart drops.This should hit is range pretty hard. The turn is an offsuit 7 and the river is another brick. I meekly turn over my hand and he mucks. My heart comes out of A-fib and I am up to about $200, but still stuck $200.


I go on a mini rush winning some small pots. I begin to flop top two pair twice and a top set once but take it down with a C-bet. But I was happy because the boards were very connected. I was crawling back to even. Then I get K-K again and raised to $15. BBG re-raises to $45. It folds back to me. I decide to change gears and just call, planning to check raising on the flop if there was no ace. The flop comes K-Q-7 rainbow! I check and he bets $55. I think for a second. My goal here is to get his whole stack. I don't want to lose my customer so I just call. The turn is a 5. I still have the nuts. There are no real draws either. I check again. He quickly bets $80 which is the majority of his stack. Now I know I got him. He wouldn't fire a second bullet if he had air. He has to have either aces or queens. Either one would call off the rest of his chips. I ship it and he beats me in the pot. I tell him that I have bad news for you as the board pairs 7 on the river. I show my kings and he shows Q-Q. I stick around for a short while longer and leave up $100. 


It ended up taking a minor miracle, but I was able to pull out a winner when things looked pretty bleak. I might go up tomorrow night to get in one more session before Christmas.