This is Not the Dew You're Looking For

What's worse than a vending machine that's out of Mt. Dew? A self-service vending station that has an entire cooler full of Mt. Dew, scans the bar code of the Mt. Dew, correctly identifies the Mt. Dew, adds the Mt. Dew to the order and asks you to pay... then say's "The selected product could not be found. Please return to shelf or cooler". What the what?

Hey, Stranger, Watch My Laptop

We've all been there. You're sitting in your favorite coffee shop. You've got your laptop in front of you working, studying... or watching hilarious videos. And suddenly you have an urge (probably unrelated to that iced coffee hitting your guts. probably). What do you do? You could just pack up all your stuff and head to the restroom. You could chance it. And, by that I mean leave your belongings unattended (Seriously, don't chance the other thing). You could rely on the kindness of a stranger to watch your laptop. Yeah, none of those sound particularly appealing. What would be great is if they had a cubby/locker for temporary use. There on the back wall, right next to the shelf of cups and beans are 6 - 14"x14"x18" lockers. Clear plexi glass doors mean you (and cafe staff) can see what's inside. And right next to the disclaimer of loss liability is a scanner that reads the barcode from the registered loyalty app on your phone. Scan your phone, open the door, pop in your stuff and, ahem, go. The app then pops up a reminder every few minutes until you retrieve your stuff. When you get back scan your app again and the door opens automatically.

You're welcome, Starbucks... and it doesn't have to be free... I could go for some iced coffee.