Squarespace iPhone App

Since I use Squarespace to host this blog and because I have an iPhone, it seemed only logical to download the Squarespace app from the iTunes store. It's a free app that gives you the ability to manage your blog while you're on the go.

POST - Create a new blog entry directly from the iPhone. That's what I'm doing right now.

PICS - Add photos to blog posts.

TAGGING - Add or modify article keywords.

MANAGE - From here you can Edit, Delete, or Preview any of your previous posts to your blog.

PREVIEW - View your blog from within the application.

STATS - Find out useful information about your site's traffic, including unique views and RSS subscriptions.

ACCOUNTS - Use the app to manage multiple Squarespace accounts.


- Easy to use
- Nice access to stats
- Multiple account supports

- No horizontal keyboard mode
- No text formatting
- Pics are added to the post, but not inline with the text


It's not a full featured editor, but nor did I expect one for the phone. What it does, it does well. Text formatting would be a nice addition. And, for FREE it's hard to complain! If you use Squuarespace and own an iPhone this is a no-brainer.