Proof is the bottom line for everyone

Just got home from the office to find my proof copy of the new book waiting for me on the doorstep.  Fortunately, it was neatly shrink-wrapped and safely tucked into a cardboard box.  At first glance everything looks good.  Of course, I'll have to take some time and go through it thoroughly.  But, if that goes OK it's just a matter of time before the digital download is available and the book can be ordered online.  Woohoo!

My first impression is that the cover looks even better than I expected.  The overall quality of the book seems very good.  It's softcover and the binding is very sharp.  Inside, the layout looks as I had expected.

The BookHopefully everything is OK and I can approve this thing.  Here's a snap I took with the MBP's iSight cam.