Book Now Available

The Paperback

The proof has been approved.  That means the book is now available for purchase.  You can use this link, or click the "Buy Now" button wherever it appears on this site.  It has also been submitted for distribution.  That means within the next few weeks (6 - 8) it will begin to be available at the online sites like Barnes&Noble and Amazon.  Of course, they do take their share, so anything you order directly from Lulu is the better deal for me.  But, this was never about making any money, so I'll be happy no matter how you get a copy... which brings me to the next point.

The Digital Download

I still have a few things to iron out on the free download, but I hope to have it up and available within the next couple of days.

The Thank Yous

I'd like to say thanks to everyone that has been supportive for me throughout this process, particularly my wife, Gina.  Without her, I would never have followed through on it.