Snow Hiking

On Sunday I took a little time to head out to Castlewood State Park to do some hiking.  This park has some of the best terrain for hiking and biking in close proximity to St. Louis.

  The weather had finally improved (all the way up to 18F) with the sun shining, so I thought I'd put in a few miles on the trails.  There were a lot of mountain bikers out and even a few runners.  Check out the gallery for the photos.  Since my primary focus was on getting outside and hiking, I didn't take a "real" camera with me.  The shots in the gallery are all taken from the iPhone.

I put in about 5 miles and had a great time walking along the Meramec River.  Just as I was finishing the loop for the River Scene Trail I spotted an American Bald Eagle circling high above the bluffs.  I stopped for a few minutes at an overlook and just watched him for a while.  Unfortunately, without an SLR I couldn't get a decent picture.