101 in 1001

Spurred by a stray tweet flying by in the stream, I decided to have a look at http://dayzeroproject.com to see what this 101 in 1001 was all about.  It's basically a "to do" or an accomplishment list.  You list 101 things that you want to do within the next 1001 days.  They can be almost anything, but should be something that stretches or improves you in some way.

The list is not prioritized, but rather an entropic collection of things that I thought of or was inspired to add.  Some that I added are easy; "Go Hiking".  Others, not so much; "Visit India".  But who knows, I've got almost three years to tick them off one by one.

The first thing I checked off the list was #21 Install storm door at front.  Since we moved into our house a couple of years ago, we've had only an entry door at the front.  The storm day came with the house only it was in the garage with all the glass busted out of it.  It's been on our project list for some time.

Finally, we found a door we liked at Lowe's and hired a friend's dad to help me install it (really the other way around).  Even this seemingly simple item from the list turned out to be more challenging than expected.  The instructions were pretty clear for every step of the installation project save the part about securing the glass in the door.  After a short break and some Bud Light Wheat, I figured it out.

One down... One Hundred to go.