Out of Sync Password Lists

Yesterday at work I was having trouble with a password.  I was pretty sure I was entering it correctly, but it was being rejected.  No problem, I thought, I'll just whip out my 1Password application on my iPhone and double-check the password to make sure.  That's when I discovered the problem.  The password I was looking for wasn't in the app on my phone.  In fact, five or six other (somewhat related) passwords were missing as well.

My first instinct was to curse the app, but as is nearly always the case, the true source of the problem is human error.  When I upgraded my iPhone 3G to the iPhone 4, I made sure to install 1Password and do a sync from the master database on my MacBook Pro.  Everything worked as expected.  But, what I had forgotten to do was to perform a final sync from my iPhone 3G to the master database.  So the password list I transferred to my new phone was a little bit out of date and didn't include the new passwords that I had entered into the app while using the old phone.

Now the iPhone 3G has been passed along to the wife.  I can't remember if I removed the 1Password app when I was "cleaning" it before giving it to her.  I also can't remember if I've already synced it with her MacBook Pro.  If I didn't delete the app, it will be a simple matter of performing a password sync from her phone and then another from mine.  If I deleted the app but didn't sync to her computer, I think I can restore it by syncing with iTunes on my computer.  And finally, in the worst case that I did delete the app AND sync to her computer, then I'll just have to figure out how much trouble I want to go through to get those passwords back.

Overall, I think it's a good lesson-learned in making sure your password lists are secure and synchronized across whatever devices you're using.  This might also be a good time to go take a look at LastPass.  I've been hearing good things about it.