Training To Save

My fifth accomplishment from my 101 in 1001 list has been the most rewarding so far.  I can now mark off 97 - Ride the train to work for one week.  It was definitely a challenge because taking the MetroLink to work requires me to get up almost an hour earlier each morning just to get to work on time.

But, some quick math shows that it was worthwhile.  Driving the JEEP to work each day costs me about... 15mpg x 84 mi (round-trip) x $2.65 (a reasonable average) = $14.84 EACH DAY!  That's not taking any wear and tear into consideration, just fuel.

By contrast riding the train costs me $2.25 x 2 = $4.50 each day.  And, that's based on buying single "one-ride" tickets to and from work.  The cost of each trip would be even less with a monthly pass.  So, I saved $51.70 this week alone by taking the train instead of driving.

Add in the bonus benefits of contributing less pollution and getting in a little extra walking each day (from the station to my office) and this really makes sense for a lot of different reasons.

5 down... 96 to go.