Homeward Bound

Sitting on my flight for my first trip home to Kentucky in more than a year. My checked bag is filled with presents for the family so hopefully Delta will be kind enough to keep it intact and available for pickup when I land in Covington.

I was hoping to spend this Christmas in Key West just like last year. But, since I wasn't able to arrange an earlier visit to Kentucky, that wasn't going to work out. I'm trading Christmas morning mimosas by the pool for freezing rain and snow in Kentucky. All the same, it will be nice to see family and friends. Plus, I brought my hiking boots and clothes and am hoping to get in some time in the Red River Gorge. The knobs, hills, and valleys will be a welcome change from the flat scrub of Southwest Florida. If I'm lucky, I may even be able to round up an old friend or two to hit the trails with.

Kentucky, here I come.