iTunes Match

I love the fact that the iTunes Match service allows me to easily access all my music (6,000+ songs) from all of my computers and devices. However, that convenience comes at a cost... And not just the annual subscription price.

I wanted to make sure I had enough music on my iPad to get me through my flight from Fort Myers to Cincinnati. Fortunately, I remembered this before boarding by flight. Unfortunately, I didn't remember until I was already at the gate at Southwest Florida International Airport. Good news; free wifi. Bad news; painfully slow.

I ended up using my phone's LTE to pull down a few albums & playlists to tide me over during the flight. It worked out fine, but definitely made me think about adding LTE to my next iPad. Advancement from iPod to iPhone has meant introducing some planning for which music to "pack" for traveling. Of course, I always have my latest podcasts available thanks to DownCast.