Greyhounds and Assholes

It's been awhile since I posted about poker so I grabbed the text of an email I sent to a poker buddy recently and cleaned it up as an article.

The regular home poker game was canceled so I met up with a couple of the other guys at the Bonita Springs greyhound track to hit their poker room.  Imagine if a bowling alley hosted a poker game... It's pretty much like that.

When I got there, they were both still in the $65 tourney.  I got on the $1/$2 list and they opened a new table.  I was happy about that, because the running games already had some pretty heavy stacks in them.  I bought in for $200 along with only about 2 other people.  Everyone else sat with $100 or less.

I was card dead for a long time.  I didn’t drag a pot during the first dealer’s 30 minute shift.  But, I was only down about $20 because I really hadn’t played any hands.  I didn’t want to seem super nitty (not that anyone was probably paying attention) and not get paid off if I miraculously found a hand, so I opened to $12 with

from the cutoff after 1 limper.  Both blinds called.  The limper called.  I completely missed the Jack high flop and the BB lead out for $25.  Easy fold.

Much later, I was stuck about $60 after speculating a bit when I limped with

after a couple other limpers.  3 more calls behind me… damn near family.  The flop was


The action checked to me.  I checked hoping someone would take a stab.  They didn’t.  The turn came


for a complete rainbow.  Checks to the guy to my right who bets $15.  I called hoping to induce a trap or drop the hammer on the river.  Folded to the BB (FSU jacket) who called also.  River


Now the BB decides to lead out for $25.  The guy to my right calls.  And for some reason here, I got a bad feeling about the BB.  Calling the turn and then leading the river on that dry of a board felt like he had either a big Ace or a Ten…. I’m ahead of most of those, but decided to play it conservative and call; partly because I wanted to see what he had… he had played a few hands and was kind of a dick.  Instead, the guy to my right immediately tables his

.. the BB mucks, I show the winner and drag the pot and got back to a little over even.

Later still a guy sits down in the 8 seat (2 to my left).  Younger.  Looks like he’s there to drink more than play.  He played the most of the hands he was dealt (easy enough to do at this limpy table) while I was still card dead.  He shows down

for a rivered gutshot broadway after calling a PF raise, a flop bet and a turn bet from the guy in the 7 seat who flopped a set of Jacks.

So then this happens.... young drinker in the 8 seat is the BB.  UTG opens for $7.  FSU calls the $7.  One other call.  I’m on the button with

I make it $27.  SB folds.  BB makes it $67.  UTG mucks quickly.  FSU thinks about it for a while and looks pained and acting like he’s made a hero fold (later said he had 66).  Now I’m in the suck.  It smells like Aces, but I haven’t seen him play enough to know if he would do the same thing with AK or QQ-TT.  I see he’s got about $100 behind, but I asked for a count and really study him while he’s counting it out.  Jaw clenches when I first ask for the count.  No shaky hands counting it out.  He’s not really giving me much as he doesn’t seem like he’s intentionally avoiding my stare, but he’s also not staring back at me.  It didn’t look super strong … and there’s only 6 ways to make Aces pre-flop, so I moved in … and he snap calls and tables

No bailout on the board and my stack is down to about $45.

I played a couple more hands and then hit the road.