Better Plex on Roku?

I received an interesting email from Roku yesterday.  Besides tempting me to buy the MLB TV package (which I'm considering), it also contained this:


This is what I've been waiting for... I hope.  There was already a Beta version of Plex available, but the controls just didn't feel right and it was a hassle to scroll through every movie to get to the one I wanted to watch.  This release version looks to be more polished.  In fact, it looks a lot like the Plex app for iOS.  The presentation of your library has a similar feel to NetFlix on Roku.  There are separate sections for your Plex Channels and for your home libraries (Movies, TV, etc.).  Within the library there are the expected sections like "Newly Released", "Recently Watched", "By Genre", "By Actor", etc.  Actually, these are the same headings that were available in the Beta app, but you could only choose them one at a time along the top of the screen.  The new interface definitely looks and feels better.  This is what I've been waiting for.

Add the Plex Channel to your Roku.