If Only They Had the Technology...

A couple weeks ago I was on the Microsoft MCP e-store browsing.  I saw a decent looking polo shirt that looked like something I could wear to work.  I made a mental note to come back to the site later to purchase it.  When I went back to the site a few days later, I received a cryptic "server" error when selecting North America as my desired region at the front landing page.

However, I could still use the drop-down menus to browse products and I was once again able to locate the shirt.  I added it to my cart and proceeded to checkout.  In order to checkout, I needed a separate account for the eStore... annoying but not unusual.  The instructions for setting up the account made it clear that my shipping address MUST match my billing address exactly so as to prevent credit card fraud.  "No problem", I thought since I planned on having it shipped to my home anyway.

After filling in the requisite fields, I received another error:

"Jurisdiction code 1007123901 does not correspond to address entered"

Now, that's an odd one.  So, I fired off an email to customer support with the details of my problem.  They responded the next day and suggested that I clear my browser's cache and cookies and restart my browser.  By the time I tried again, the front-end region select error was gone.  But, the same problem persisted when I tried to complete a purchase and create an account.

So, again, I sent a message to customer service to advise them of the problem and how unhelpful the error message was that I received.... "Oh 1007123901, You say?".

This time the response was even better.  After 5 days I received a reply suggesting that I enter a different city in the "City" field of the account registration page.  Not only is it a variation of my city that I do not live in, I've never even heard of it.  The US Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS (as well as every bill collector imageinable) can deliver to my real and correct address.  Apparently, Microsoft's e-Store backend cannot allow me to create an account with it, though.  Customer Support were kind enough to offer to go in after I create an account with this bogus city and send them another email to go to the back end database and "correct" my city.

Or.... alternatively I could just not create an account.  Yeah, that'll work, too.