The Poker Gods Are Angry

It's been a few weeks since we had enough people to get a home poker game together. Tonight was the first time in over a month and I was looking forward to playing.  There were 8 of us and we'd played 17 hands and were still in the first blind level (25/50) when this happened...

UTG called 50, UTG+1 called 50, UTG+2 called 50 and it's to me. I looked down at a couple of rags

I'm already getting 4.5:1 and likely more than that with the action behind me, so I decided to call and try to make a hand I could get paid on. Seat 8 to my left calls, button calls, SB calls, BB checks the option.  Family pot 50x8 (400).


3rd nuts! Pretty much a gin flop after splashing around with 4-high. SB checks. BB checks. UTG checks. UTG+1 bets 200. UTG+2 (We'll call her "C") raises to 400. UTG+3 (to my right) calls the 400.  OK, I don't want to let this get out of hand and let the open-enders and two-pair hands draw cheap.  I make it 1200. It folds all the way back around to "C". I can see that she's thinking of just calling the 1200, but after a few seconds she announces "All In". With 2500+, she has me covered.  The player between us folds.

The biggest problem with playing speculative hands like the one I'm holding is that you'll often be faced with difficult, marginal decisions after the flop. You have to be confident in your post flop abilities or else you'd just stick to premium hands. This wasn't quite one of those tough situations because, as previously mentioned, I flopped the 3rd nuts. "C" is an ABC player and there's 0% chance she's holding any combination of 48.  So, she's either got 89 and I'm drawing stone-dead to a backdoor flush or she's got 88, 77, 66, 55, 67, or 65 (any bigger pocket pair she would have raised pre-flop) and I really doubt she'd play 88 that fast here.

I'm a huge favorite over those 2-pair hands (~4:1) and a good favorite over the sets (~2:1).

I thought for a minute or so just because I've been running so bad lately and running into so many coolers that every big pot has me spooked. I finally called and "C" tabled:

OK, 2:1 favorite for all my chips... here we go...


Good night, Nurse.

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