Updated ComiXology iOS App

It sucks that Comixology has removed the in-app purchasing option from their "updated" iOS apps. I understand their position. Similar to Amazon, they're not happy with the vig that Apple takes on in-app subscriptions. But, I wonder if the $5.00 credit they've issued is enough to make up for the inconvenience of only being able to purchase on the web and then sync content to my iPhone and/or iPad.


 Office for iPad

Microsoft seems to have taken the other approach with Office for iPad. They allow in-app subscription purchases at the standard $99/yr. price. That means that for each in-app sign-up, Apple takes 30%. I suspect, though, that this will still lead to a net positive result as compared to telling people in the app that they'll have to go find a computer to sign-up with and make the purchase, then come back to the app and sync their subscription info.

But, what do I know?