Giving Up the Grandfather?

The new "Family Plan" offer from AT&T may just be enough to finally get me to give up my unlimited plan. Maybe.

Since my iPhone 3G I've been on the unlimited data plan. I've never been able to change plans before because I didn't want to have a 5GB cap. Even on the "Unlimited" data plan, I still get a warning at 5GB that the data for the remainder of my biling cycle "may be throttled". I've gotten the warning a few times and haven't really noticed any speed reductions.

My average usage is around 3GB/month, but it spikes during baseball season... Love my MLB.TV app. The new "Family Plan" they're offering is 10GB/month that's shared between 4 lines. And, it's about $30/mo less than I'm paying for 3 lines now. Since the other lines on my plan are low data users, this may be a deal I can finally live with...

... but it's hard to give up a plan that I can't get back if I change my mind.


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