Summer Camp Change of Plans - Cisco Live! 2018

My summer plans for Hacker Summer Camp (Black Hat, Defcon, BSidesLV) were scrapped when we learned earlier this year that we're expecting another baby boy in August. That means no desert trip for me this summer. It also means I'll miss DerbyCon in October. I'll definitely miss everyone and all the craziness at these events, but I'm definitely not disappointed because I have the best reason in the world for passing this year.

Because of this change of plans I decided to look for other networking and education opportunities. This year will be my first visit to Cisco Live! I'm looking forward to heading up to Orlando in a few weeks and making some new connections... and likely re-connecting with some folks I already know, too.

I'm going to focus on the Security track and hope to learn more about some of Cisco stack. I'm not a routing and switching guy, but understanding how the network is laid out and operates is fundamental to anyone looking to improve or maintain your org's security posture. I'll be looking to learn more about IDS/IPS/DLP and the Umbrella/OpenDNS solution. I have a lot of questions about how Umbrella and WSA cooperate, conflict, end up merging?

Since the conference registration includes a "free" certification exam, I figured I might as well make the most of it. I picked up the certification guides for CCNA 210-250 and CCNA 210-255 to test for the CCNA Cyber Ops cert. It's positioned as a foundational, SOC Analyst type certification, but so far seems like a good brush up as well as reinforcement on some more network-focused areas. It gives me the chance to add a new cert, but more importantly, an opportunity to evaluate the exams to see if they are a good fit for newly minted security technicians and analysts.

Drop a comment below if you'll be there and let's meet up!

CCNA Cyber Ops SECFND #210-250 Official Cert Guide (Certification Guide)
By Omar Santos, Joseph Muniz, Stefano De Crescenzo