Hacker Summer Camp

This time last year was…crazy to say the least. I had already changed plans. I wouldn’t be going to the desert for Hacker Summer Camp. Instead I was sticking a little closer to home and headed to Cisco Live! in Orlando.

But that changes, too. My whole perspective got reset when our second son was born last June. He was 12 weeks early. That meant a lot of time in the NICU and a lot of time off work.

At about this time last year my wife was finally home after nearly dying. One of her OBs told her, “pregnancy does crazy things to your body. Usually it’s not life threatening. In your case it was”. She would be discharged…then readmitted via ER. Before finally being discharged again after some great treatment and very concerned doctors.

Our little guy came home in mid-August…just before his original due date. He came home with a bunch of equipment; oxygen, pulse-oximeter, apnea monitor. A crazy summer indeed.

I’m happy to say mom and baby are both doing great now. And our little guy has the best big brother ever to look after him.

It’s been a real challenge for all of us, but we’ve gotten where we are with the support of family and friends. And like I said, it definitely reset my perspective. It’s easy to think work is the most important thing in life when you’re caught up in an issue or a deadline. I assure you it’s not…and I need to assure myself of that more often.

Now I’m sitting in the airport in Atlanta headed to Las Vegas for a week of BSidesLV, Black Hat, and DEF CON. If you see me, say hi.