Better than Project... Project+


This week I added another IT certification to the ever-growing list.  This time it was the Project+ certification from CompTIA.  It's really fairly light on the technical side and much more focused on the process/business side of things.  It's a VERY terminology-heavy exam and there's even a few math problems thrown in for good measure.  Fortunately for me, some (a very small portion, actually) of the material is an overlap with the CISSP material that I'm currently studying for.  Speaking of which, I think this Project+ cert will be the last one for a while.  With any luck, CISSP will be next and then I think I'll let my brain take a break.


Yet Another Certification

The latest IT certification added to the resume... CIW JavaScript Specialist.  So, you know, if you need any annoying pop-up windows or anything, I can help you out with that.  Actually the JS cert wasn't really something that was high on my list, but I figured I'd go ahead and knock it out since it looked pretty easy... and it was.