Songkran Festival

The wife and I made it out to the Wat Phrasriratanaram 28th Songkran Festival this year.  It was on my 101 in 1001 list to do, but unfortunately we arrived a bit late and many of the vendors were already in the process of closing up shop.  Still, we had a good time walking around and sampling some authentic Thai food.  We had some Pad Thai and finished up with Roti.  The Pad Thai was pretty average.  It needed more spice, but I guess when the goal is to be as widely popular as possible, blander is better.  The Roti, on the other hand, was simple but great.  Just plain roti fried with butter, drizzled with sweetened condensed milk, sprinkled with sugar, and then rolled.  Next year we'll make a point to arrive early enough to enjoy more of the festivities.