Book Giveaway

I have a couple copies of my book that I'm going to give away.

Giveaway The First...

I have made a list identifying my top 25 all-time favorite comedy films.  It's highly unscientific and I would likely have a different opinion if I re-made the list now, but it's saved and will remain as I listed them.  The first person to add a comment to this posting that can name 3 of the top 5 wins a book.

The Rules:

  • 1 entry per person per day (Multiple entries will be deleted and disqualified)
  • You can't win if you won during the last giveway (Seriously, if your table is still unsteady after using the last copy of my book that you won to shim under the leg, then it's probably time for a new table rather than another copy of my book).

If I don't have a winner by 4:00pm CST Friday (which I think is unlikely) then I'll randomly select a winner from all the entries.