MCITP: Enterprise Administrator


It just occurred to me that while I had been posting udates as I took each Microsoft certification exam, I forgot to post a final update.  I passed.  That means I'm now certified MCITP: Enterprise Administrator.  What does it mean?  It means I studied my ass off and passed a bunch of tests that were mostly about Active Directory and DNS.  What does it mean beyond that?  I don't know.  I'm hoping that I can somehow incorporate that knowledge into my professional career... we'll see.

What's next?

I'm already thinking of getting some more certifications to demonstrate a broader knowledge base (and improve my marketability, of course).  I'm considering some Apple certifications, but I'm not even really sure where to start.  I'll have to do some research to see what feels like the best fit.  Right now, I think the next cert will be MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator 2010.


And finally, my goal for this year is to get my CISSP.  Wish me luck.

I Guess I'm Ready

Today's the day. I scheduled my final MCITP exam for this afternoon. I was torn between today or sometime next week. Yesterday I knew I wasn't ready, but was hoping I could be ready by 2:15 today. The alternative of thinking about the test all weekend and studying every night until then to keep it fresh in my mind wasn't something I was looking forward to.

So. Here I am. I just finished my sushi (6 pieces of tuna nigiri) as part of what has become a pre-test ritual. I'm sitting in the cafe at Whole Foods staring out the windows into the cold rain. I'll get to walk in the cold rain... the test site is in a building just across the street. I'll walk from here rather than parking at the actual building. That, too, has become part of the ritual and I don't want to deviate from the plan.

Wish me luck. I guess I'm ready.


Four Down, One To Go

Wednesday marked the completion of my fourth exam in my ongoing quest for MCITP certification. The test du jour was MCTS 70-643 Configuring Windows Server 2008 Applications Infrastructure. Seriously... that's the name they came up with. As I had done with the three previous exams, my primary study material was the Microsoft Training Kit. This book was even more to-the-point the than those that I read for the other exams. I think that's what I like most about this series of books; They're direct and focused, while still giving an overall broad view of the subject matter. -- read the full post at / --
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New Cert

Yesterday I added another cert to my résumé.  Now to my list of certifications I can add MCTS.  Or, more specifically... MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist): Windows Vista Configuration.  You may ask yourself, "Self, why the hell did he get a Vista cert?"  Good question.  It's not because I'm a huge fan of Vista and just can't get enough of it... Quite the contrary.  But, instead, the answer is that it's just one of the five exams needed to complete my next goal of MCITP: Enterprise Administrator (Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional: Enterprise Administrator).  I picked up a book from Microsoft last week and spent the entire weekend cramming it all into my brain.  It's a huge chunk of a book, but there are a lot of screen shots in its 800 or so pages, so it's not all dull text.  Then, finally, the day before test day I went online and "found" some practice exams.  These were enough to get me prepped.

I was a bit intimidated when I sat down and the test overview says that you have 200 minutes to complete 50 questions.  Yikes.  But, the book and practice tests were enough preparation and I was able to pass.

It's definitely a relief to not be spending hours of each day studying... but it's just a matter of time until I move on to the next exam.