iTunes Match

I love the fact that the iTunes Match service allows me to easily access all my music (6,000+ songs) from all of my computers and devices. However, that convenience comes at a cost... And not just the annual subscription price.

I wanted to make sure I had enough music on my iPad to get me through my flight from Fort Myers to Cincinnati. Fortunately, I remembered this before boarding by flight. Unfortunately, I didn't remember until I was already at the gate at Southwest Florida International Airport. Good news; free wifi. Bad news; painfully slow.

I ended up using my phone's LTE to pull down a few albums & playlists to tide me over during the flight. It worked out fine, but definitely made me think about adding LTE to my next iPad. Advancement from iPod to iPhone has meant introducing some planning for which music to "pack" for traveling. Of course, I always have my latest podcasts available thanks to DownCast.

iPhone 5 iCloud Account "Password Missing"

Had a strange issue tonight while setting up my new iPhone 5.  I fought with it for probably about 30 minutes before stumbling onto the solution.

After syncing with iTunes and checking "Sync Mail Accounts" to get my mail settings, I kept getting the popup error "Password Missing" for my iCloud account.  At first I wasn't sure which one it meant because I have one account that I use for iTunes & purchases, and another separate iCloud account that I use pretty much for just email.

I tried both password, neither worked. Same popup. Again and again and again. I went into mail settings and changed the description on the two accounts to make them distinctive; they were both just "iCloud" before.  The mail settings page now reflected the new descriptions. But, whenever I went back to the Mail app I was greeted with same annoying blue popup.

I went to and logged on using the same password.  Worked the first time. I went to Apple Account Management. Logged in the first time. Verified all my info. Logged out. Tried on the phone again. Same error.

Finally in disgust, I decided to just delete the "Me" account and re-add it. When I scrolled down to the red "Delete Account" button and clicked it, I was prompted with "The Terms of Service Have Changed". ???  I agreed to the ToS... and didn't delete the account. I went back to mail. This time it prompted be for the password, but had the .Me email address. I put in the same password I'd been using all along and voila!

Very strange.